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    Searched around, couldn't find an answer to this one. I have recently done some newbie rooting and installing patches, apps, etc. I have gotten all of that to work great, thanks for all the help out there. However, I restarted the phone a couple of times (shut off, turn back on) to initialize changes. When I do so, I lose all my music, pictures, and ring tones. Luckily I have them backed up on my laptop, but it is kind of a hassle to reinstall that stuff. Anyone else heard of such a thing?
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    Never heard of it, but maybe you should run the WebOS Doctor and try your rooting again. Couldn't hurt...
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    thanks, I will give the Dr a try. What's the worst that can happen? LOL! I shouldn't need to root the phone now with all the stuff Preware app provides!
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    WebOS Doctor(Thanks Jason) seems to have fixed the problem. I did the Doctor, reinstalled all my stuff and the Preware stuff, restarted the phone, and all data is still there. Kinda mad that the Palm backup doesn't work as advertised. It put stuff back on my phone from a month ago. Better than it not backing up at all like it did when I broke my first Pre!

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