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    That it is asinine when people buy phones based on assumptions that certain aspects or capabilities of the phone will be increased or added at a later date? Just asking because lately it seems more and more people are complaining about the Pre missing functionality that Palm has never even stated that they would fix or add and most people just kind of assume it should be. I bought my Pre knowing exactly what I was going to get.

    Stuff like this reminds me of a Yahtzee quote. The Zero Punctuation review guy for those who have seen his game reviews.

    "Fans are whiny, clingy, complaining dipsh*ts who will never ever be satisfied with concessions you make."
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    dont you know this is a" i want what i want and i want it now generation " lol bunch a babies ha ha
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    Get that logic out of here!
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    Yes and no.

    I think in today's age, we expect certain things to be "standard". For example, if I buy a car, I expect it to have windshield wipers. Those wipers are not "really" necessary to operate the vehicle, but I still expect them to be there. I would not think to see if the car came with wipers because all other cars have them, and all cars I have ever owned have had them.

    I think that's the problem people have with the Pre.

    I read all the specs that were available to me before buying my Pre. Every phone I've ever had (even the cheap ones) has had a video camera, and text forwarding, so to be honest, those were two things I never checked. I came from a Centro and believed the Pre was going to be a huge step up because it was also made by Palm. As the "next generation of Palm", I had certain small expectations, and felt a bit let down when I realized the Pre was lacking so many of these "standard items".

    On the other hand, it is a "buyer beware world", and most adults should know this. Technically, I know it was my own fault that I did not check certain "standard features", but oh well. If I wasn't such a fan of Palm products, I'd probably be much more upset though.

    Nevertheless, I really like my Pre and have even talked a couple friends into buying a one (although I did explain it's shortcomings to them). I enjoy the homebrew and actually get a little excited (and frustrated) waiting for new updates.

    Surely not everyone will agree, but I thought the analogy above would at least explain why people feel let down, to some degree.
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    If you are buying something that is capable of making you feel so let down that you have to cry on the internet about it, I think you owe it to yourself to do a bit of research before jumping in. I was well aware of the limitations before I bought my phone.

    That said, video recording has been demonstrated to be possible, though currently not in a terribly usable form, so Palm would be foolish not to add that when they can. For me, it's not at the top of my list of things I'd like for them to do, and it seems like it isn't for them either, but I see it happening before too long.

    As for text forwarding, one of the great things about this phone is how easily it can be tweaked and that you don't have to hack your phone and possibly lose your warranty by jailbreaking it to do so. Isn't text forwarding possible in WebOS Quick Install as a simple checkbox option? I can understand being hesitant to root your phone or edit code by hand, but that is pretty easy stuff. Still, I agree that Palm should add it officially. But all in good time--this is a four month old phone and platform, afterall.
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    If they build will come.....
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    I think there is a fine line. Buying assuming that updates will add what you want, and then being angry when they don't is certainly asinine.

    Buying it hoping that those features will be added, and being disappointed within reason, is perfectly okay in my book. I was hoping yahoo messaging would be added, and I'm disappointed that it hasn't been. But instead of getting angry, I helped beta test and trouble shoot for a developer who has gotten yahoo IM working in the built in app complete with synergy and everything.

    It's just a matter of how people handle being let down. Some of use use it as motivation to contribute where they can (even if it's just testing something that you don't have the skill to create on your own) and the idiots post a bunch of garbage about how angry they are.
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    I would give some if not a lot of blame to apple for this.

    When they first came out with iPhone, they specifically touted this as an internet, iPod, email phone. They didn't pit it against traditional smartphones.

    But people saw potential and saw it was basically carrying a lite version of osx so people kept asking/demanding and slowly they gave. I think now and wonder if this wasn't a brilliant idea to initially come out as a niche phone and give them time for them to fully develop it to the smartphone it is today. Do you see how long it's taken apple to come out with features but do you see through palm how hard it is for them to add features without issues. I know if they had come out calling it a RIM killer or Winmo killer from the very beginning, they would have been seriously pummeled by critics like pre is now.

    I came from using winmo 5 where Microsoft made NO changes or at least felt that way and you never expected more. I think apple really changed that. Guess that is an advantage to having a vertically integrate company where you control hw and sw.
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