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    Hello all!!! Brand new to the Forum! I bought my new Pre on Wednesday "very excite" and wanted to introduce myself. I have been a crackberry addict for the past 4 years (nasty habit) jumping from Blackberry to BB. I did love me some BB but got tired of the same old buggy 1990 style UI. I never have owned a Palm before but my first impressions of the the Pre holy crap I can't believe i stuck with my POS Storm for so long! The WebOS is simply amazing! and the form factor of the phone is near perfect IMHO. My expectations of owning a 1gen phone were not that high after my Storm (6 replacements for major reasons(screen unresponsive x2, keys fell of the phone, etc) many minor things I didn't even ask to get fix) but this phone has exceeded (to date) everything my BB was capable of and it does it with style! I hope to finally enjoy my phone again and look forward to reading these forums!

    The "Hoff"
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    Thats about how I feel about mine, glad your liking it.
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    Welcome to the NOW network
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    Thanks everyone! I am really digging the "NOW" network! It seems much faster than Big Red too!
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    Cheers & welcome!
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    I am planing on getting the pre tomorrow. I am coming from a BB as well [tour]. After owning it for about a month, I hate VZW and totally sick of BB's. That '90s era OS comment was spot on btw.
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    Welcome! What a nice, refreshing perspective after all the Veruca Salt characters "threatening" to leave Palm if they don't get their favorite missing feature right NOW!!.

    I think there's quite a lot of us enjoying the awesomeness of the Pre. Maybe we're just not quite as vocal as others 8^).

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