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    Is palm having a problem with certain phones not only did 1.2 install the first time. it installed a second time twice the size the same night, now install today for the third time and overwrote everything again. each time phone settings show 1.2
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    +1. Just completed the second install. ***.
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    mine just asked to be installed as well
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    not sure what is going on here phone says up to date then an hour later that 1.2 is ready to install. There is no way to dismiss it just install now or later. click install later it tells you it will install at next charge...... any suggestions 3 times to install the same update is ludicrous. Phone alreeady states 1.2 is installed.. will the dr correct this?
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    I clicked update (for the heck of it) AFTER I installed 1.2 a few days ago (the 70-ish meg version). Now it says Palm webOS ready to install 153meg version?? Just closed the window in fear. What's going on?
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    Mine installed a second time tonight. Odd.

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