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    What should I look for when I get? I know i gotta look at the screen for defects and to check the slider for the oreo effect. Anything else?

    and what accessories should I pick up in the Sprint store when i get it?

    Lastly I guess I should come back here and hit up the homebrew and theme sections.

    Is there anything else im missing?
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    For me, the first thing I ever get is a screen protector of some sort. The Pre is a little slippery and is easy to drop.

    If you need a car charger, get one of those.

    Otherwise, dig in!
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    This question has probably been asked many times before. (I recall reading at least one thread a few weeks ago, so search for it because that thread had some really good advice.) I guess what has changed is that WebOS 1.2 is now out, so make sure they update it to 1.2 before you leave the store. Make sure they help you to set up your email, calendar, facebook, and anything else. Research how to check some stats (enter ##786# on the keyboard and look at the warranty date (which is the date your phone was manufactured) - if it is several months old, then the phone might be a returned one they are re-activating for you. If it's less than a month old, you are probably good. Rebooting the phone is a good way to notice bad pixels. Make sure the power button works properly. There are also diagnostics that you can run that test all the keys buttons. Have the Sprint rep let you run through those to make sure the keys are good. There is also a diag that will cycle through all the colors and this would be good to run to look for bad pixels. Also bring in a headphone or use the one that comes with the phone. Insert it and then remove it to make sure the jack is working. You will really like the sound that comes out of the earbuds playing Pandora radio. The sound quality is much better than the ear buds that come with the iPods. I'm pretty sure you will get a great phone!
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    reboot the phone and look for dead pixels when it rebooting
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    if you decide to get a touchstone (wireless charger) then hold off on gwtting a case. Ull want to order one through seidio.

    def. Get a screen protector. A must....

    I'd be iffy with rooting ur phone aka altering the theme. But its up to you. As for homebrew.... Def. Do this. If you need help, get a hold of me.

    yes. Other than that... Dive in. Dead pixels aren't a biggie. I have 2 and you can only see them at startup. If everything else is good with the phone don't worry about 1 or 2 dead pixels...

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    Dude. The pre honestly is a friggin awesome phone. Sure it has a few little problems but what electronics don't?
    Once you have it you'll learn to love it and no other electronics you have will compare.
    listening to music while browsing the webs while checking your calendar man, all at once. can't be beat seriously.
    And just watching it grow whether it be a firmware update, or a homebrew release is like the moments we wait for.
    I'm a pretty busy person with work and family and all, but like this phone is always by my side dude.
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    Quote Originally Posted by superrad View Post
    Dude. The pre honestly is a friggin awesome phone. ...
    Yeah, I agree. I had to reach hard to think of showstopper things I'd look for (and I couldn't think of anything - short of a beat-up, used phone being sold as new) that would bother me. If you go to a reputable, corporate store, you will be treated well and will walk out happy.
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    Touchstone is a definite, the back gives the phone a lot better feel...would probably see how the battery life is, I would in vest in either the 1350 or 1400, which will give you an extra battery while traveling. The case is up to you, depending if you want a hard case or a belt one( have the belt one myself which works great) If it is new, you should have a tight slider and no gaps. And like the others have said, one you get it and get used to the ease of going from one app to another, you will wonder what you did without it.

    Best way to sum it up is the line from the Matrix, you will ''Free Your Mind'' once you get a hold of it. Congrats on the acquisition and gives us an update on your Pre thoughts!
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    Touchstone kit and front and back Phantom Skinz.
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    so will they sell the invisible shield/skin in the store or do i need to go online?

    if its not in the store i will get a case to hold me over because i do not want to scratch up that beautiful phone.

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