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    Before I left on a long trip, 4 weeks ago, I filled up my Pre with music and videos podcasts close to maxing out the storage. I used iTunes for the video podcasts and MediaMonkey player for the music). Filled it up so much that when I thought to take a quick photo with my Pre, it said Full, not enough room.

    Ok well now I'm back and I want to clear off the music and videos. But since the iTunes sync has been broken I don't know how to remove the video / music. I'm comfortable deleting items in the windows explorer view but I have not idea what to delete and leave as is. There seems to be a lot more items here now. I'm sure use of the phone has created a number of these but what to remove and leave without breaking is not known to me.

    What are all these folders? What can I delete?


    Then these files
    FSCK0000.REC (from 0000 to 0223)
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    I can't seem to find anyway at all to delete music off this thing, I was getting a few things off when I installed doubleTwist but for whatever reason it stopped recognizing my Pre and crashes everytime I plug the Pre in and set USB mode. There is NO <Music> folder on the Pre drive itself and so therefore I'm at a loss... really.. REALLY don't want to have to wipe this thing...

    UPDATE: Ok, so I finally managed to delete the existing music files off of my Pre. Here is how I did it, keep in mind that I run Windows Vista 32 bit so differences in getting to certain windows may and most likely exist on different OS's.

    I plugged the phone into the computer and activated USB mode.

    Went to My Computer.

    Right clicked on the Pre drive and selected <Open as Portable Device>

    This made another window that displayed the read only files on the Phone, be very careful at this point because this is where things can break.

    I went into iPod Controller --> Music

    Here you will see several files labeled F01, F02 etc etc, starting at the highest number labeled I selected the folder <in my case F12> and hit delete. I did this for each folder and after I was finished I was left with all my space free again.

    This is obviously a long way around but dangit it works! LOL

    Hope this helps some. Happy Pre-ing!
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    I had added a bunch of songs from iTunes just to find out that they wouldn't play because of the copy right restriction iTunes puts on their sobgs. I just opened up the pre through the USB on the desktop and selected to show hidden folders and removed the entire iTunes folder. Worked for me but I haven't tried adding any more music/media since then.

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