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    I absolutly love the fact that with 1.2 you can dial a number directly from within the event details!!

    But, I have several events that have conference call numbers where you need to dial a number like 9998887777p12345 where the p12345 is a pause and then dial the 12345 like you can do in your contacts.

    Does anyone know a way to make it dial the who number including the p and the pass code?

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    No one else uses the dial from event? Or know of a way to make this work?
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    I'm glad they added that as well, but only in the notes!! Everyone I know puts the dial-in number and passcode in the Location field!! That one still doesn't highlight. =(
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    I can not dial from within the notes field of a calendar event. I am trying to use the calendar event to dial a conference bridge number with pauses.
    Here is my syntax (which does work from a contact)
    It won't seem to dial anything after the "t"s

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