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    I recently signed up with Sprint and was told about this promotion. You enter the person's number who referred you and in 6-8 weeks you get a 25 dollar Visa card and possibly a Jabra headset while supplies last.
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    I referred my parents and sister, and entered my number in their phones. I can vouch for receiving the debit card, a few yrs back sprint ran the same promotion and i referred three friends (to ye olde SERO, may it RIP), and a few weeks later recieved a debit card with the money

    right now you'll get 50 for referring someone, and the person you referred gets 25 dollars.

    don't know anything about a free headset tho...
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    i got it
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    What exactly is needed for the person to be referrals...information wise, and how to they enter it...can you go on the sprint site and just enter it?
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    Links would be most helpful.

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