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    I left Verizon after 13 years because we wanted Pres. We had good coverage most of the time. When we got the Pres we had almost no signal in our house. We now have an Airave and have 4-5 bars all the time. It made all the difference in the world. So don't disqualify the phone based on coverage alone because you can do something about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wodin View Post
    I don't know about those places as I live in Hawaii. I was a loyal Verizon customer since the Moto Brick, and I jumped to Sprint two years ago to get a SERO plan. Never looked back, nor regretted it.

    Here Sprintís coverage is better than VZWís, the service is cheaper (you already knew that), there are more Sprint stores, and Sprint one time horrible customer support has improved markedly.

    I haven't had any problems with reception on Oahu. The signal doesn't even fade out in the elevator at work and to my knowledge the phone has never switched over to roaming on Verizon either. I don't bother looking at bars anymore, because I've come to expect that it will just work, and that goes for both voice and data. I'm really impressed that I can walk or drive around listening to streaming audio and not have to worry about it dropping out.

    I switched to Sprint because of the Pre and have had no regrets whatsoever with either the phone or network.
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    I travel to Charlotte all the time and the service is great - Uptown, Lake Norman, Ballantyne, Southpark - works everywhere I've been - no complaints.
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    I live in the Raleigh area, but I believe Charlotte is considered a "good" Sprint city when it comes to coverage.
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    I had sprint for several years until just before the NexToHell merger and sprint was flawless. I was with Verizon since then until august when I came for the Pre (had a BB Storm). I live in LA area and there is no doubt sprints coverage is slightly inferior to VZ.

    the pre on the other hand is something else. I think anybody who says their pre coverage is straight up fooled or they have a 450 minute calling plan.

    where the pre is superior with their WebOS, it severely lack common basic phone functions and "below par" phone reception to other sprint devices.

    P.S. For well over $50/month saved going to sprint and with AnyMobile now, I'll take some $hitty reception for now.
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    I think if you're in a major city, the coverage between Sprint and Verizon should be pretty much the same. In the Washington DC region that is pretty much true, with the exception of in the Metro (Subway) where Verizon for years had the monopoly on that. That has now been changed and I believe that Sprint has or will have coverage on the Metro soon.
    If you go to remote areas, in the country side that is where I think Verizon has better coverage. It is not EVDO coverage however 1x coverage. I know when I went on vacations to remote places in Michigan or New Hampshire, that was when even Verizon cut out, however they have improved coverage over the years by buying out some of the other wireless carriers. I was recently in NH and verizon definitely had better coverage as I had both my Verizon Centro with me and compared it to the Sprint Pre. With that said,I didn't tweak my Pre to always roam, so I don't know if I would have just been on verizon's network. I made the switch to Verizon and haven't really looked back as the coverage seems pretty good with Sprint, plus the other things like unlimited mobile to mobile coverage where I think most of my calling is to these days with friends using mainly their mobile phones to contact each other. This includes calling to others with Verizon, ATT, or T-mobile or whoever else. Sprint is less expensive by a small bit, and their customer service is decent. I can't say I've been unhappy with Sprint. I became unhappy with Verizon because over the past 2 years I constantly asked them for a good smart phone like the iPhone and they said they weren't going to get one and didn't know when they would. Well too late for them as I got the Pre and switched to Sprint. I guess Verizon really didn't listen to their customers. Can you hear me now???!!! LOL
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