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    Is there a way to stop the pre from displaying the time when it is set on the Touchstone for charging? I have the Touchstone in the Bedroom and at night if anything is displayed on the screen it is to bright.

    I just want the Pre to charge when on the touchstone, not display anything, just a black sceen. Can it be done?
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    Put the little leather case that came with it, over it. I've been doing this since I got the phone on release day. You're right though, there should def be an option to turn this off.
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    I think there's a tweak or patch out there somewhere. I'm almost positive I've seen something..
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    There is an app in the homebrew catalog called Brightness Unlinked. Install it with either Preware or Filecoaster. It will keep the display off while on the Touchstone.

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