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    a decent calendar
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    I would want the "I'm Rich" app. Bcuz then I would be rich!
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    Kindle reader
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    Umm..I would have to get a different phone
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    comming from Windows Mobile (HD Wobble was the funnest app ever making girls boops jiggle) or slingplayer
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    I want an app that provides backup and restore capability for Messages(SMS), and Call log
    The app will need to backup in both native (SQL) and a Comma or tab delimited format and backup to a file on the device which I can download over USB to my personal computer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mandystreasures View Post --- I miss my audiobooks.
    right there with you.
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    Sirius Radio
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    Quote Originally Posted by jedson01 View Post
    I want an app that will sync my IE bookmarks with the Pre.
    IE? Seriously? I didn't know anybody even used that anymore!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mandystreasures View Post --- I miss my audiobooks.
    You can listen to Audible in Classic for now. It'll tide you over until Palm and Audible get it together. Also Classic now allows hotsync over Wifi with the current WebOS update. You can't listen with bluetooth, but I'm hoping the upcoming Classic update may cover it, because it states we'll be able to Hotsync over bluetooth.
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    > datebk6


    Best app I ever had on the Palm and I had a lot of them.
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    RealPlayer lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheHolyGrail View Post
    Docs 2 go
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    Photo Enhancer - Lets face it, as great as we pretend our phone pics to be, these just arent capable of much. But if you run it through a good photo enhancer then you can make misleadingly good looking art shots.

    Mode on iPhone with various editing apps (BestCam, ColorSplash, CameraZoom)
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    Mint. It's coming to Android, hopefully we're not far behind.
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    Docs to go
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