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    i'm one of what appears to be a large group of folks that feel a little crippled without a good working processor.

    dataviz pops up that wonderful "thinking of you" page when you visit their website and look for pre software, and i think it sucks that we don't have the ability to prod them directly.

    but, we do, i think.

    they have a facebook page and i'm going to start putting my "when is it gonna happen" question there as often as i think about it.

    it is here if you would like to join in.

    maybe if we put our distress in public view on their wall, their priorities might shift a little in our direction...

    who knows.
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    I have been doing so as well. A few days ago they announced that their iPhone app would gain Excel capabilities or something. I commented and asked about Pre version. Someone else did as well. Here was their response:
    webOS version is in development. Late this year or early next year we hope to have something available for you. I'll keep you updated!
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    I 100% agree. I need to be able to edit doc's natively on the Pre for work & school. Documents to Go works OK on Classic. However, one major limitation is I cannot copy information from the browser into a document. Also, trying to hit the small buttons on Classic slows things down way too much. BUT ~ I also want Dataviz to get it right the first time. So I will try to remain patient.

    Did you see the below exchange on Facebook? EARLY NEXT YEAR!!! That will really try my patience!

    Rolando Celis Are there any plans to launch a decent version of D2G for the palm pre?August 26 at 12:21am

    DataViz, Inc.Yes there are! Planning to release later this year/early next year, depending on some device updates and whatnot. We'll keep you updated.

    August 27 at 4:05pm ReportRolando CelisThx for your answer. This is a good phone and is gaining acceptance, universal applications such as yours will make it more attractive.

    August 27 at 5:27pm ReportPaul HudsonToo bad it didn't male it out by "end of summer" as I seem to remember we were told when the pre came out. Oh well, no choice but to wait.....
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    Well,, if DataVIZ doesn't get there crap together...i'm getting rid of this phone....totally useless without editing capabilities
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    I keep my 755 handy (unplugged) to edit currently - we have a love/hate relationship right now.

    I wouldn't consider letting my pre go for lack of office capabilities, it just does too much for me to part with it -

    docs to go would be a real bonus though

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