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    i was looking at my friends blackberry storm and i like how he can keep it in landscape mode all the time and switch to vertical mode if he wants. Is that possible for the pre via tweaks or applications? Im not talking about just a few programs being in landscape mode like the clock or browser, i am talking about EVERYTHING in landscape mode such as the menu and all the programs. It would work really great with the virtual keyboard. So my question, is it possible for this to happen on the pre?
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    No, it is unlikely this will happen, it's usually reserved for places that really make sense to be landscape on the Pre, and a total revamp would have to include major layout/texture changes... it's just that the Pre was never designed with that kind of feature in mind... it's not impossible but it'd probably be pretty far down in Palms list and it would be quite a bit more work than its worth for modders.

    Also I would like to say the Storm was a horrible idea for a touch phone, why introduce clicking instead of just tapping... it just seems like a good step back.
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    o ok thanks man. yea i agree on what you said on the bb storm.

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