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    Quote Originally Posted by sacherjj View Post
    I don't know if I would call it bored, just that after using the Pre and gestures, iPhone/iPod Touch navigation seem archaic. It is so much slower to get around and it really annoys me after using a Pre. Why should you move your finger up to the top, just to go back?
    Here's my issue with the iPhone OS. Two years, and the user interface/experience has not changed. I'm not "bored" with it per se. I find it archaic to have to stop what I am doing to move to a different app, and lose what I'm working on.

    I understand the implications with respect to battery life, but as far as workflow is concerned, I think Web OS handles things in a more elegant manner.
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    I have had my Pre since June 11, and absolutely love it. The only problem I have encountered was the phone getting stuck in "headset mode" which was easily fixed by plugging the headset in and out a few times. This is by far the best phone I have ever had.

    That said the rest of my family has not been as lucky. My son's Pre developed the radiating cracks from the button while sitting in his pocket. This is a known issue and Palm was very good to work with in getting a free replacement.

    My daughter's phone developed the reboot problem when closing the sliding keyboard. This is another known issue but is easily resolved by tightening the battery with folded paper or foam.

    My wife's Pre just 2 days ago developed the small crack that radiates from the USB port, another issue you will see if you research this forum. This has not affected the use of the phone and I am waiting to see if it gets worse before approaching Palm or Sprint.

    Even with all those issues I am still a big fan of the Pre and would strongly recommend it. However it has lost a little of the lustre.
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    I think the OP said his future wife wouldnt switch from AT&T. But I am sure once she sees how great the PRE is, and let alone the fact when you are on Sprint and you call her and it uses NONE of your minutes, but maybe hers, could be a little factor that would make her switch too.

    With the 30 day return, definitely check out the PRE. You would be getting one at a great time as many things have been implemented into it with WebOs 1.2.

    We cant officially welcome you to the forum until you have a PRE......just kidding.
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    You might be able to welcome me later. Build issues aside, I think I'm going to go over to the Sprint store at lunch and talk to them.

    I'm still facing ETFs with AT&T, but the money I'll save on my line pays that off in two months, plus with the rebate.

    My one gripe with the iPhone is that it's not as solid as it looks. Since it's a unibody case, it's not sound structurally and cracks very easily. Case in point (no pun intended), both of our phones cracked and we had to spend all day dealing with apple on warranty exchanges. Serious waste of time.

    Thank you again everyone, this is really helpful to me.

    As far as apps go, I don't use many of mine. I am a heavy calendar and email user.
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    I live in Philly too. I have no problems in the city. My parents & some of my sibs live in Lancaster county & I have no service issues there either. When they lived in Parkesburg, however, I got NO service, not even roaming.

    I like my Pre. I have a Touch, my fiance has a Iphone. I just NEED a physical keyboard, and I like the way the Pre feels in my hand better. I have a million apps on my Touch that I've used, maybe once or twice (except for when I was OBSESSED w/ Cake Mania). I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. I still need my Touch for my whole music library (haven't felt like converting it), but other than that I only use it for the Kindle app now. I also love not being confined to Itunes in order to put music on my phone. My job blocks Itunes, but we have the Windows Media player & I can use that to swap CDs w/ coworkers & put music on the Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anaphora68 View Post
    As far as apps go, I don't use many of mine. I am a heavy calendar and email user.
    well then there's some good news and bad news for you

    Good news - taking apps out of the equation make the pre much more appealing because we simply don't have anything compelling out yet. For me then I still rely heavily on numerous iPhone apps and it's made the transition impossible.

    Bad News - The palmos calender sucks. It's slow, sometimes things don't line up and Synergy isn't for everyone. I tried my best but at this point I went back to relying on the iPhone for contacts/calendar. Yes it isn't so hot on the iPhone either but I'm just not hip enough to do this cloud sync garbage. I prefer to sync with my computer.

    I'm not trying to persuade you off the pre. From what I hear then you seem like you are pretty close to being sold on one and you WILL like it. I'm just givingy opinion. And I'm not sure if this means anything to you but I'm typing from my iPhone at a starbucks to handle my daily email rather than my pre because of the Pre small screen and copy/paste limitations. A keyboard is a definite advantage for most but I'm probably still more efficient with the iPhone virtual KB.

    Again, it's all about what workflow works for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anaphora68 View Post
    As far as apps go, I don't use many of mine. I am a heavy calendar and email user.
    As far as the Calendar and email usage... IMO I believe that Pre to have a very slight edge over the iPhone. Both email and calendars will sync seamlessly for the Pre. Also multiple calendars can be added and displayed in diff colors. The email is fast and simple to use. I have my hotmail and gmail synced and my wife has her work [exchange server] and gmail synced. Both of us have never had any issues.

    Hope you enjoy the Pre [that is if you get it]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dayvidpriddy View Post
    Sprint customer service on the phone is about as lousy as it gets (ghetto phone reps who want to get you off the phone as quickly as they answered the call), it's just a total nightmare!
    Simply not true. I've been with Sprint over 10 years and I can remember a day (not so long ago) when this was true, but not any more. When it WAS bad, I switched to Verizon, T-Mobile & AT&T at different times and ended up switching right back to Sprint. That should tell you something. Also, even if there WAS a problem, just ask for retentions and these days there is very little they won't do for you.

    OP, sounds like a 30-day trial is what you need. Like was mentioned earlier, don't port your number until you're sure.
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    OP: As far as the ETF goes, look on or Wireless providers often change the terms of the contract, and you can get out of it within 60 days of any such change if you are 'materially affected' (read: ***** to customer service). I would try this route to escape ETFs.

    Plus, as we all know, ATT absoultely blows. An article on Ars the other day quoted an ATT rep as saying that the iPhone dropped-call rate in NYC was about 30%.
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    Alright guys, I pulled the trigger. I didn't port my number, but I'm looking at a shiny, new Pre. It's downloading 1.2.0 right now.

    So far, so good. I'll post my impressions later, once I've left work and I'm at home.
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    If you take away the apps from the iphone and the pre.....the pre hands down is the better phone.

    go for it.
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    Well I have a 3gs and owned the two previous gens of iphone also. I have had the pre about a week now and am quite impressed with web os. It feels very much like iphone in early days(back when iphone os felt cutting edge). Coverage on sprint for me is a wash as both seem pretty good on my location..the 3gs often switches to edge(at my office) and that makes things unbearable when that happens. Luckily we have wifi so it's not a huge issue and outside of our building 3g is prevalent. my pre switches to 1x sometimes, but is on evdo most of the is fast. Web browsing on the pre is very good and very close to 3gs in my opinion.

    For me the big difference is email and os speed. 3gs email is very fast and was finally good enough for me to give up my blackberry bold. I use exchange and was on BES with bold. The email on the pre just doesn't move quickly enough for me..hit reply and wait for card to open..or the white screen and then data populates. The iphone had the same growing pains with the email. Also there is some lag in the web OS..sometimes things take 5-7 seconds to respond or open..not a huge deal, but if you want to do things quickly...
    This was also the case for earlier gen iphones.
    These two things prevent me from using the pre as my primary device, but I assume they will be fixed in future software revisions.

    Build quality is also better on iphone in my opinion; although my pre is fine with no oreo or issues.
    I'm enjoying web os, you get more for your $ with sprint as I got the phone free and 20% off monthly service. I haven't had sprint in about 4 years and things seem much improved from what I can tell. On a side wife is using my old iphone 3g and is 75 miles outside of the major metro area we live in for a few days and I got a text from her saying "my iphone is on EDGE, full signal and I can't use fbook, beejive or any". Guess I should have given her the pre..hah.
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    I switched to save money on sprint, I save $100 a month.. I had ALL 3 Iphones.. and though I miss them.. the Pre gives me consistent service and I have yet to turn it in for warranty service.. though I do only have one complaint.. the headphone jack.. after using it, it sticks and stays in headset mode a lot.. and this is a known issue. there are many threads on it here...

    but I digress.. the Pre is an awesome phone and is the closest to the experience I had on an iphone and I can run multiple apps..

    the Pre app store is going to build up and become a good source of applications soon.. and you can even play around in Home-brew heaven here on Pre Central..

    Well worth it.. and I will purchase a iPod Touch just for all the other apps I bought for my ex-iPone
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    Hmmm, this is odd. Every time I try to send a text, I get Network Error Code 5. Any takers on this one?
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    Quote Originally Posted by anaphora68 View Post
    Hmmm, this is odd. Every time I try to send a text, I get Network Error Code 5. Any takers on this one?
    What does this have to do with this Thread?
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    Geez, I was just asking. I just switched, I'm the person that started this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anaphora68 View Post
    Geez, I was just asking. I just switched, I'm the person that started this thread.
    OHH.. i see.. if you just got it.. it might still be provisioning.. this is normal.. or your not within cell range of a tower..

    sorry.. I wasn't trying to be rude..
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    Quote Originally Posted by anaphora68 View Post
    Hmmm, this is odd. Every time I try to send a text, I get Network Error Code 5. Any takers on this one?
    CONGRATS on you new Pre! Let the adventure begin Try these steps.
    1) goto the phone launcher
    2) tap on the sprint logo at the top left
    3) select Preferences
    4) scroll down till you see "Network Settings" & "Preferred Roaming List"
    5) Update both

    Let me know if this works
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    FYI, mine took about 20 minutes to work after activation (I activated it myself)
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    If e-mail is important to you, Pre seems to have an advantage with the option of combining e-mail from multiple accounts into a single view.

    Couple of other factors - which have nothing to do with PRE but Sprint / CDMA technology - are if you care about simultaneous data and voice access (not possible on CDMA) or cost-effective international roaming in GSM-heavy countries and Japan.

    Quote Originally Posted by anaphora68 View Post
    As far as apps go, I don't use many of mine. I am a heavy calendar and email user.
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