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    I timed how long it took me to do a soft reset and it took 2.5 minutes! I recall reading that the reset is shorter with 1.2 revision. I thought it was approx 2 minutes in 1.1.

    Did it increase in the time it takes to do a soft reset?

    How long does it take you Pre owners?
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    I personally haven't really notice any difference in reset times in 1.2. Who knows, I think it's all relative.
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    relative to what?
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    That's pretty normal. Mine with 1.2 takea about the same.
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    haha.. I just checked this morning. 1min 48 seconds with 1.2. Cnet got about the same when they compared it to the iphone, but that was with the old webos.. Palm come on. My touch pro started up faster then that, and that phone was worthless.
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    It's relavent to each persons Pre. While mine might take 2min 30sec. because I run more programs than someone else. Someone else's might only take 2min because they have very few programs they run and have installed. It is know different than a computer as how ever many programs it has to shut down, memory leaks, exc. boot times will vary, not everyone is going to have the same experence. With that said, I think it is impossible to compair each others boot times down to the second. Is a couple minutes really that bad? Is an extra 15-20 seconds really going to impact your life that much? I think we have way bigger fish to fry than worring about an extra 15 sec boot times.
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    I watched the CNET review video on the boot up times. They claim with WebOS 1.0.4 that it was 1:36 min. Mine was about that, here is a breakdown of my boot up times.

    WebOS 1.0.4 (Clean install): 1:40 min
    WebOS 1.1 (Clean install): 1:35 min
    WebOS 1.1 (Apps, Homebrew, Themes): 1:50 min
    WebOS 1.2 (Clean install): 2:00 min
    WebOS 1.2 (Apps, Homebrew, Themes): 2:00 min

    Not sure why or whats going on but that is just what I have seen.

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