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    I've been reading about all these problems people have been having with their Pre and to be honset, mine has worked perfectly - until last night. I'll try to describe whats going on. You know how when you power it off, "Palm" appears on the screen. Then when you try to power back up the "Palm" pulses. Well last night mine just shut off and the steady, non pulsing "palm" appeared. If I hold the power button in the "palm" fades out and then a second or two later reappears, but can not get any thing else to show up. It has been charging all night. I have removed the battery several times - I can't get anything to work. If I need to take back to sprint store, is this a "warrantied" item (original purchase 1st weekend they came out). I did purchase the insurance but do not want to pay $100 deductible for something that to me appears to be a palm hardware/software issue.

    btw - it is not rooted, no homebrews, or modified in any other way.

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    Hello mc25mc,

    Your description above was pretty good, thanks for the details .

    First of all, I'm 99 44/100% sure your problem should be covered under warranty,
    so don't worry about having to incur a deductible.

    Since you haven't done any sort of non-Palm software mod to your Pre, I'm guessing you would be best served going into a Sprint store (prefereably a corporate owned one with a repair center, but any store should do if others are far away) and explaining the problem exactly as you did here. If they know any tricks, they might try those first and then run WebOsDoctor as a second repair step. If those fail, they will likely either exchange your Pre on the spot or order a replacement under warranty. Since your Pre is completely non-functional, you should ask them if another nearby store might have a unit you can exchange with rather than waiting for a replacement to arrive.

    I also have one more suggestion: let the Pre's battery completely drain (which might take a long time on just a power-down/boot screen) and then the Pre might actually boot since it would go to the battery charging phase before going to the boot phase. This idea might actually work, but I don't think you should have to go without a phone until the battery wears down. The Sprint store might be able to play pandora and run Sprint Navigation on another Pre to get a battery into this state prior to your arrival (or subsequent to your leaving) to see if they can salvage your phone for you (or for some subsequent next customer).

    I hope these ideas help you. Good Luck, and let us know what finally happens!
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    Another suggestion might to be to do a complete hard reset on the device...might lose everything on the phone except the palm backup stuff...but hey, you cant get it right now anyways.

    Best I can tell ya. Good Luck!

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