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    I was one of the ones who had the 79MB download and install of WebOS 1.2.0 and then had the 153MB download and install of the same. I woke up this morning only to find that my Pre downloaded 1.2.0 again and is asking me to install it again. I have no idea the size of this one as it is already downloaded, but it's stil 1.2.0. Anyone else have this happen 3 times? I'm reluctant to install it again.

    By the way, I have many homebrews installed, the donation version of MyTether, and I did the notification light mod. The latter 2 I did since the 2nd install of 1.2.0. I wonder if that has anything to do with it...
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    Same here, although I had only installed the 79MB upgrade. My Pre is now also asking me to install an upgrade now or install later. I have the donated MyTether app as well. Guess I'll hit upgrade now and see what happens.
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    I've never gotten any second or third requests to install the update. My guess is that some postinstall process failed which may be causing the additional requests. Hopefully some webos-internals people can figure out what causes this. I can think of two next steps you can try:

    1) Run Jason's WebOS repair utility (I forget the exact name of it).
    2) If you get yet a 4th request to do the install, then turn off updates and just
    pay attention in PreCentral to whenever some next update is pushed out.

    Edit: PS: I have the donate version of MyTether installed (but I uninstalled it before the update and reinstalled it after). I don't think Homebrew apps are the cause, but you should have turned off your tweaks before the 1.1-> 1.2 update. It's too late to use WebOsQuickInstall to turn off the updates. Now you need to use the repair tool. I never turned on the LED notification (but I'd hope this wouldn't be enough to cause the re-updates).
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    I installed 1.2 when it was released. Last night I let the phone die completely on purpose. When it restarted a little later it told me an update was available (1.2) I hit ok and then install. It didn't download anything, but it installed it and after like 30 minutes it was done. Nothing changed obviously but it was weird to see it do this
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    I also got prompted to update 3 times now and like th OP I have no idea how big this 3rd version of 1.2 is. I uninstalled all patches (including virtual keyboard) between updates, but left:

    Preware w/ package manager
    My Tether (donor)
    all homebrew apps
    My Flashlight

    (I believe that's anything I had that runs Java in the background) I was also running a Batman: Arkham Asylum theme before update which I also removed. Taking the plunge for the 3rd time now, I'll report if anything changes.
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    I, too, awoke this morning to a THIRD UPDATE request for WebOS 1.2.0. I haven't had any trouble with this phone or the OS to date. I thought the second request was just a fluke and installed. But now that it asks again, I wonder.

    I had (as recently as yesterda) checked for updates just to see if anything was out there and it told me my phone was up to date.

    I have two Pre's (both active).
    - The one that is asking for the third install had been tweaked (slightly, nothing serious) but all tweaks were removed prior to updating. And a note here - this bluetooth works just fine (more in a sec)

    - The second phone (my wife's), no tweaks and only one request for install of 1.2.0. However, her BT woudn't be acknowledged by our MS Sync car kit (built into the Lincoln) as a phone. It only recognized the Pre as an audio device for music. (my other pre works fine here). Her pre used to work fine. So I had to go through Palm tech support and did a partial erase, and then last night they had me webosdoctor the phone but still didn't fix the BT problem (which others are having exact symptoms per palm's official support forums).

    So here I have a phone always working well and wants to install webOS 1.2.0 again, and the other that doesn't work perfect and never asks to reinstall.

    What a quandry.
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    Same thing here. Third update of 153MB this morning. I installed and everything seems fine now.
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    Same here a 2nd update this morning to the 153mb. Only diffrence I notice was at the end of a call, the phone displays the length of the call.

    I have my tether ( reinstalled it) after the 73mb download and re installed virtual keyboard.

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