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    So in my numerous issues with the Pre I've found one that doesn't seem documented. After having the phone for some time (2 different ones..on my third) it seems the mirror and black piece above the mirror get scratch lines or wear marks. I thought first maybe it was because I got dirt in it and it scraped. I have now verified on 6 palms including one in the sprint store that these scratch lines are identical. Is anyone else seeing these?
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    I also have those scratch marks on my mirror. I don't really care about the mirror but it still shouldn't have these scratch marks.
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    If you're talking vertical lines from the slider, yes that's normal,
    and pretty close to unavoidable. It's not like the mirror is
    meant to be used to put your makeup on. It's there to help
    you frame a self portrait, once or twice a year. On many phones
    the mirror is just a tiny little convex button on the back.


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