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    I had my pre for a month and a half and out of no where my touch screen won't work unless is on the charger. I have never dropped it or has any physical damage on it and also tried everything possible in my knowledge to try and fix it and no luck. Has anyone have had the same issue? Please help me on this one.
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    i actually have the same issue but reversed?

    i actualy havnt even had it a month. ive treated ths thing like gold. my problem is when i plug the charger in the screen stops responding. sometimes it continues even when i unplug it. sometimes for hours!! i used webos doctor and it didnt do anything.

    im swapping mine out.

    anyone knw whats up with our pre's?! if i get a new one and it does it again i really dont want to have to wait a week to get another one... so if anyone knows a solution.. let us know!
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    tried a restart?
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    mine did this last week...typing on my replacement device now. I was able to get it work sparingly by "smacking" the side of my pre on my hand.

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