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    Im trying to install the webos doctor and i have everything i need to run it but the computer keep saying device unplugged but its the drivers that not installed and the webos doctor just stop running after 6% can any one help
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    See this post
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    make sure dev mode is on and phone is in just charge mode and then reboot both the phone and computer then try it again if that does not work,then reinstall novacom driver ,if your running vista 32 i have the novacom driver you need just pm me and i will send it to you
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Here's a multi page thread on it. Mine does the same thing on ALL of my Vista computers, but it works fine on my Win7 netbook.

    Problem I have is the Doctor doesn't work an ANY of them. The Doctor sees the Driver on the Netbook, and insists on installing it's own version, which of course breaks in Win7.

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