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    i've been with sprint for at least 5 years. i went to sprint and got 2 palm pre the first of september. my phone every time you go into roam i only get a verizon message with account info for someone elses account (bill payment information, send text message, past 12 month payment info) or unable to authenticate my phone. my other pre works fine in roam. tried to update preferred roaming list. sprint has had me do everything including reset to factory settings. nothing has worked. any ideas on what to do next. i never had any problems with any of my previous phones.
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    Yes. Take it back and get a replacement. You should have done it immediately, within the first 30 days, most, if not all stores will simply replace the device with a brand new one from stock. After the 30 days, you will likely get a refurbished phone either mailed to you, or to whichever Sprint store you go to. Always best do deal with problems as soon as they arise, as they rarely get better and almost always get worse.
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    your phone wasn't activated on verizons network for some reason. this happened to my mom when she got her new phone on sprint (not a pre)

    call up sprint (*2) and tell them that your phone isnt working when you roam on verizon, and they have to 'program the towers' or something like that.
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    thanks for the help
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    Typically this is a configuration/tower issue and has nothing to do with the phone.
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    I have now contacted sprint 3 times about my issue and palm once. palm has told me that it is a network configuration problem with my account. Sprint has told me that the phone is not working correctly, and that a network configuration problem is possibility but no one that I have spoken to can find out. More or less with hours on the phone with reps I havenít got a fix for my phone yet.
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    Have you tried updayting your PRL and network settings in the phone app?
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    ya. i do have an updated prl, and network settings
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    They had to perform a total remote reprogram on my phone to get it working as it still had a temporary number when I switched over from verizon. It took about 3 days of contacting Sprint and finally I got some senior level engineer and they got it fixed. Your problem though sounds like a network tower issue. I don't know if the sprint engineer did a complete reprogram of your phone remotely.

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