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    My Palm Pre hangs abiout 2 - 3 times a day, where I have to pull the battery to reset it, and power it back on.

    Whne it hangs.. you can see how it is still powered on by the faint light on the screen.

    Is there a way to reset the Pre without pulling the battery..
    I know about re-bootoing it.. but that does not work..

    Does anyone else have the same problem.
    1.2 did not help tis issue.. I was keeping my fingers crossed.
    It did this prior to me rooting the Pre.. and still does it after set it back to factory WebOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMicKid View Post
    ...and still does it after set it back to factory WebOS.
    That last line is all the information I need, because it narrows the cause down to just two possibilities.

    a) Your palm profile could be corrupted. It's unusual, but I've heard of it happening to a small number of people. You can test it by doing a webOSdr and creating a new palm profile instead of using the old one.


    b) Your Pre is defective. In which case you tell sprint and get a different one.
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    Another way to try resetting it when it freezes is to hold down the power button and toggle the ringer switch back and forth 3 times.

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