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    Seems like a lot of people are experiencing issues with the latest 1.2 update. I haven't experienced a single issue with 1.2 so far. Besides all the mentioned improvements (browser, snappier UI, browser...) I have experienced improved battery life. I have original pre (never exchanged) which I had for over 2 months now. Ever since the update came out I have experienced same battery improved behavior.

    Here is the battery log for today:

    Off the charger at 5:30 am

    Got to work at 6:00 am, phone set on my desk all day(yes I have to be at the office that early )

    I have crappy connection at work, my bar strength on average goes between 2 to 3 bars all day. Sometimes drops to 1, sometimes to 5.
    Used my pre for several texts, browsed couple of websites, made couple of quick calls.

    Came back from work and went to the gym. It is 5:30 pm, and my battery level is at 90%.

    Listened to music for almost an hour while exercising, got back home, texted couple of times, talked on the phone for about 17 minutes. It is now 7:30 pm and I'm now at 74% battery level.

    So with light use (with crappy network connection all day at work) I only lost 26% of battery life. I think that's pretty good. I have a good signal at home (usually 5 full bars) and with the weekend coming up I will see how it will last with a much better network connection.

    Now I did cheat a little, I turned off my data radio and only used wifi for web browsing. Also I have wifi, synergy, gps, auto-locate, email check all off, and screen set to dimmest setting.

    Just wanted to share my battery life after updating to 1.2

    PS. I'm using original Pre battery, not aftermarket one.
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    I found similar results with mine. can't confirm the same 90% battery life after 12 hours of use, but still noticeable improvement...
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    Thats great. On the other hand.. it defeats the purpose of having all of those wonderful features on the phone. We should be able to run wifi, gps, bluetooth, data, at all times even if we dont constantly use them while making phone calls and texting. With the technology that is out today there is no excuse for having to charge my phone twice a day.
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    Yah, my battery level seems much worse since the update. With moderate use I got from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at about 70%. Maybe 60%. Since 1.2, I've run down to 20%-12% during the same time period. It's inconvenient.

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