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    I have my Pre to a point that I'm pretty (PREtty!) happy with it. I have the carrier string modified, I have a few color changes here and there and i have a tweak or two installed. It's running great and there are no issues (knock on wood). The changes I made took quite a while to perform. Sure, a lot of that time was learning, but, they are still something that I'd rather not have to repeat. What I'd like is a way to basically create my own restore file (We called these "baked ROM's in my WinMo days). This way, if I decide to use some new, must-have patch and it borks my phone, I'd have a nice way to get back to where I was. I've tried searching around and I came across Jason R's scan tool, but that's not quite what I'm looking for. Anybody have a suggestion?

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    That is a great idea...
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    The problem with a baked rom, is that creating one is far from trivial. I'm certain it could be done, but at that point you're getting into territory where it might actually be possible to brick your phone so that WebOSDr can't fix it.

    What I would recommend you do instead, is create your own custom quilt patch to do this. It's much safer, and has the advantage of being easily removed with a single command when it's time for the next big update.

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