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    hello Everyone!
    seriously considering leaving the BB world and coming back to palm.

    looking for someone's input regarding the palm and how well it interacts with a Mac OS.

    Thanks for your time
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    I specifically get Palm phones because of how it works with Mac. The Pre is very easy to use. It mounts in Finder easily.

    iSync doesn't do anything with the phone anymore, but I got the Missing Sync for Pre Mac edition and it was worth it. Being able to sync with iCal, Address Book, as well as iPhoto and even iTunes (yes, that will let you use iTunes) is awesome. It has a built in ringtone maker. You can even sync specific folders. I use it to add wallpapers to my phone.

    Mail is excellent. I have two google IMAP accounts on both my Pre and Mail. Works great. Everything syncs. If you don't have Mail configured yet, I'd be happy to point you to an article that makes it much easier to IMAP, which is better than POP3, I think.

    The only irk is that it doesn't always sync well in developer mode. Still, it's a great experience.
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    Flawlessly! with the exception of iTunes 9.0.1. However, I use DoubleTwist so I am smooth sailing. I personally think it syncs better to my Mac than My PC. Specially when you want to access the linux "root" all you have to do it type cd /opt/nova/bin the "enter/return" button then, ./novaterm and your in.

    Hope this helps! and Welcome to the Forum
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    just throwing in my $0.02 that the Pre works great with the Mac.
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    I don't really do anything with my Pre on my Mac except transfer files and use WebOS Quick Install. Everything else is in the "cloud" But for those two things, works great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrstinkfish View Post
    I don't really do anything with my Pre on my Mac except transfer files and use WebOS Quick Install. Everything else is in the "cloud" But for those two things, works great.
    Same here. I use it like a USB drive. Go to clients houses to fix their computers and use my mac to download updates and drivers, then plug in the Pre and transfer the files to it, then plug the Pre into the clients computer to install the updates/drivers. Works like a charm!
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    Works great--especially if you have 10.5 or higher.

    I have OS 10.4 and had to use a friend's computer to install Quick Install, then Filecoaster, and now I download Homebrew apps OTA. I would be more likely to mess with tweaks (SMS forwarding and themes) if I personally had 10.5 or higher, but everything else works seamlessly for me.

    I have also not updated itunes, though I haven't used it for syncing music since the first sync. I just connect it as a USB drive and drag and drop images, sound files, etc. It couldn't be easier.
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    +1 for the Pre working great with a Mac. I have no issues at all. Regarding the whole iTunes sync concern I use Double Twist, so regardless of the Palm vs Apple/iTunes boxing mach I can still sync music and photos without an issue.
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    my pre and mac are lovers
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    I don't like the sync between my mac and my pre for contacts. Spanning sync and Missing Sync both have caused problems with either duplicating all my contacts or mixing up firat and last names with names involving three or more words, since google contacts doesn't have a separate middle name field.

    otherwise, if you can use google calendar and google contacts, there is no problem connecting the pre to the mac to load data and media.

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