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    I was poking around in the reverse logistics screen (##786# in dialer) and found a field that wasn't there in webOS 1.1: Hardware revision.

    Does this new field lend credence to the rumors of Verizon getting a different Pre, or is it just to differentiate CDMA and GSM models?

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    I would hope that he Pre's hardware would be revised in general. I'd be amazed if there were literally only one hardware revision of the current iteration of the Pre throughout its lifecycle.
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    They will probably get more storage memory.
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    Hardware version is not where they change a model. It just means they changed the mainboard or some part of the hardware around to cut costs/increase reliability. If another Pre comes out with more memory it'll have a different model number and a revision number as well which might just be "A" too at first.

    Look at the Xbox 360. It has different models, and each of those models has different revision numbers. Of course they don't print the revision number on the box, but an elite with the Jasper board is still sold under the same sku as an elite with the older boards.
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    I think this just refers to EVDO Rev. A.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Grace View Post
    I think this just refers to EVDO Rev. A.
    Definitely not that. It clearly states hardware revision. Palm decided to use letters. I've seen some phones have complex digits that would make it harder to discern if you got a newer or older version.
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    Well, the EVDO radio is definitely hardware!

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