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    Changes I've noticed, in roughly order of great to disappointing:

    I believe things are running slightly faster, though I can't quantify or prove it. In particular, Youtube is less sticky and prone to hang up.

    The phone app now tells you whether you are dealing with the mobile, work, home, etc. number of your contact....The lack of this was annoying to me, so I'm glad it is fixed!

    Copy & paste, and email search begin to give us slightly better PDA functionality, though we are still overall behind where my Palm V was in 1998....

    Paid apps will probably be a good thing.

    I could care less about downloading Amazon MP3s, but I guess it is of use to someone. iTunes synch was never of any interest to me, I won't miss it.

    I thought I'd read that clicking on an address in contacts would take you directly to Sprint Navigation and send you to that address, but it isn't working for me in 1.2. Still goes to Google Maps for me, as it did on the early version. Did I misunderstand something?

    I'm not noticing any changes in battery life for good or bad. But I haven't worried about that much since I got my Seidio 2600.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Impulsebuyer View Post
    why does everyone want to pay for apps?
    obviously, nobody would like to PAY for an app,

    but GETTING PAID is an impetus for talented developers to create QUALITY apps

    and is the reason why iphone has so many applications.

    more choices is good thing
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    Quote Originally Posted by VAN122389 View Post
    Ok so I went to update to the webOS 1.2 but my phone was freezing up and wouldnt do it so I restarted the phone a couple times did a battery pull didnt work... so then I went and did a 'Partial Erase" well that went all good and I was able to install the update, my thing is that it deleted the homebrew apps I had which was mostly games so i didnt care but then I go on precentral and see that with the newest webOS doesnt work with the webOS quick install so now I have no way of getting those apps back on my phone... is there any way around this or is a fix in the works?
    I am a sucker for the tweaks and was anxious for Jason to get us another QI for 1.2 and he has once again delivered. Jason is the freakin man. This link will lead you to a post that will solve you issue.

    I am too new to post links so just remove the "HERE" at the beginning and place real dots wher it says (dot)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kasl33 View Post
    What do you mean? I'm able to change call volume just fine. Just use the volume toggle on the left side of the phone.
    when they stop working, your pre is worthless, point in case mine! There is no other way to change the main phones volume which incidentally effects major apps
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    how many times do I have to hear about this volume button.. I swear I've read this in about 4 different threads. Software updates do not cause hardware issues. If for some reason it did everyone would be affected.

    I'm sorry you are having issues but the laundry list posts are annoying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chienandalusia View Post
    obviously, nobody would like to PAY for an app,

    but GETTING PAID is an impetus for talented developers to create QUALITY apps

    and is the reason why iphone has so many applications.

    more choices is good thing
    On the contrary, i'll pay for a quality app that offers new functionality (and not something you could easily do using the browser). Or even a good time waster like bejeweled.

    Quality apps, while desired, isn't my main concern tho. I need to see how this App Catalog will work with paid apps. I don't like not having a copy of the app on my computer. There's a lot of trust Palm is asking us to have with the palm profile.

    What happens if the profile has a bug later and you lose oh..say a 100 paid apps when exchanging devices or upgrading to a new one? We've already seen people losing contacts or having palm profile issues.

    I don't know how Android or RIM's stores work from experience but i think in each case you can make full backups on an SD card..and for as well. With WM, iphone, and old Palm OS, you get the apps on your computer with options to restore/reinstall.

    So IMO, a full backup/restore app whether Palm does it or a third party is essential before diving into buying any significant amount of apps.
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