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    Supposedly invite responses were supposed to fixed. This is not working for me. If it is another exchange account on our server, it sends back a response saying accepted, but doesn't update attendee status in the calendar event. If it s just from someone using Outlook outside of our network, it sends back an email with the subject saying accepted but the body has header info and obviously some outlook/exchange gcoded mess.

    Has anyone else had this feature work that was supposed to be fixed?
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    Just a bump to get this where people can see this again. Still have not found an answer.
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    I got an invitation today from an Exchange user outside our network and accepted it on my Pre. The acceptance is in my sent folder on Outlook, so it seems to have been sent. I don't see any messiness--Outlook recognizes the response as an acceptance. So it appears to work for me so far. Our company is using Exchange 2007.

    Also, the organizer didn't change to me on the meeting, so that was a big plus too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbg7474 View Post
    Also, the organizer didn't change to me on the meeting, so that was a big plus too.
    I hope this is truly fixed. This was an issue that bugged me. I will be monitoring this too.
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    I verified multiple times today. It sends a response email as accepted, but outlook and exchange doesn't seem to update the attendee status in the original senders calendar item.
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