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    Quote Originally Posted by Milominderbinder View Post
    Corrected thread title spelling error.

    Will also add to the webOS 1.2.0 New Features & Changes Found

    - Craig

    I think the more interesting thing about this is that it WASN"T rolled out as part of 1.2, it was rolled out after. Google changed something on the server side and the new features came independently of 1.2 as of this morning.
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    can we save my locations on pre? as to my experience, cannot!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RanGT View Post
    Which transit systems are included? tried DC Metro but didn't work.
    Interesting. Here's some info on that...
    Google finally offers Transit Directions -- DC (WMATA) still not featured! - misc.transport.urban-transit | Google Groups

    Seems to be one of the only cities not included.. bummer.
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    i was waiting for this for a while. i just gave up on gm until now thanks
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    They still need to give us the option of saving addresses. Yea yea...I know...the navi app does this but still - I want to be able to log into Google Maps with my Google user ID and Password and have it sync. It's not too much to ask for.
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    This is excellent! Thanks Google.

    Next enhancement request: I'd like to be able to look up an address from my contacts while in the Google Maps application.

    Sometimes I go into the Google Maps application first and let it find "My location", if I want to get directions from there to an address in my contacts, I either have to type in the address manually (if I know it) or get out of the Google app and go to my contacts, find the contact record, tap on the address to go back to Google maps....

    I know, I know, Wahhhhhh. But I could look up a contacts address from within Google Maps on PalmOS and I got use to doing it that way.
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    DC metro system doesn't particpate in Google's public transit project. I think you can find a press release somewhere on the WMATA website. I forget the reasons why, although they might havee changed their minds recently and begun "re-encoding" their data to become compatible with Google maps.
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    Whoo Hoo finally! I live in Seattle and the bus is my car (having a car is suicide on Capitol Hill where I live).

    I can't figure out why I haven't noticed this before! This is one of the MAIN features that I use on smart phones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RanGT View Post
    Which transit systems are included? tried DC Metro but didn't work.
    Unfortunately, WMATA is not on the list of participating systems. Only Alexandria and Fairfax in the metro area.

    (I may live in Tennessee but I get back to the Washington area regularly.)
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    Hope street view is also coming soon.
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    Great find. Hope they add DC, though...
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    Simply amazing..
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    they have Portland Trimet, so this IS amazing
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