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    I am currently using a Samsung M800 (Instinct) and would really like to switch to the Palm Pre. However I am having some issues deciding if I should take the chance and invest in the Pre. My main issues are the battery life (i currently charge my phone every night, but ive heard stories about it not lasting even all day), the so called "hot spot", the "plasticky" feel of the phone, and my last concern, and by far the biggest is the screen cracking issue. As a college student at a smaller, fairly rural campus, I dont have the time to argue with sprint customer "care" and the closest sprint store is in pittsburgh, about an hour drive for me. so i cant afford to have my phone (which is the only phone i have to call home with) become inoperable. If anyone can give me some advice as to what you think about the phone, id be very grateful. Im not really looking for a review, ive read as many of those as i could find, im looking for more af a real world prospective as to how well the phone meets your needs, and for some more info as to how big of an issue the above mentioned problems are.
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    After the 1.2 update I am noticing increased battery life. Generally by this time of day (11:30 am here) after taking my Pre from the charger before class (7:00 am) I'm lucky if I have 50% left and thats doing things such as checking emails, texting, IM and checking Facebook...after the update that has increased substantially. I have had any of the mechanical issues people are reporting such as the dreaded "Oreo" effect or the screen cracking.

    I say go for it...but thats only because I havent had not one issue that people are speaking of.
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    Fish, I am a convert from the Instinct to the Pre and I can honestly say that the Pre is the best phone Sprint has ever carried (IMHO). I use my phone for everything Quis89 mentioned eg: email, txt, internet, other homebrew apps. Battery life is a non issue if you take the correct steps to cut down on screen brightness and other sound options. I know you are spoiled with the Instincts battery life, believe me, I too was concerned about the battery. I can get through the day and still have 70% battery left when I go to bed at night. That with making several calls (usually back home to my folks lasting never less than 15-20 mins) txting pretty much all day and surfing the web. If you look through the message boards on this site you can find many great ways to conserve battery life. The feel the phone IMHO is great. I have big hands and it fits perfectly in my palm (no pun intended). I actually find it easier to talk on the phone when it is slid open. The keyboard takes some getting use to but I can fly through a txt or email and like I said I have big hands (Im also 6'8"). I think ive been rambling on too much but you get the idea. Make the switch, its a great phone and it will definitely help you through your day much better than the Instinct.
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    Man trust me, the pre is a very good investment!...i too switched from that useless instinct (with sprint's lost promises on apps which i never saw).....i'm not going to sit here and list the qualities that make the pre so much better..all i have to say is that switch to pre will be a very wise decision.
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    If your coverage in your rural area is spotty, don't get a Pre. I had good coverage at home with my Instinct, one or two bars of coverage, which was enough to receive calls and not have any drops, or only once in a long while. With the Pre, my coverage in the exact same location is terrible. I can only get signal in a few places within the house, and I have to stand by the window.

    Sprint sent me an Airave, and that increases the space that I can operate in, but my coverage outside is still weak, and I lose calls unless I am near the airave.

    My area has good Sprint coverage, the problem is more of an issue with my house because it is in a valley, so with an Airave at home I am OK. The Pre is an awesome phone, and I would not go back to my Instinct, although there are several features that the Instinct had that I miss. The Pre's good points make up for that. But if your area has one or two bars of coverage with your Instinct, be prepared for the possibility that your Pre will drop a lot of calls. If you have 3 or 4 bars, you will be fine.

    Remember, you have 30 days to take it back, so you can try the Pre and see if the coverage is good, and if you like it enough to give up your Instinct. If the coverage is adequate, I bet you will keep it.
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    3 words: 30 day return. But you will have to use it. Save the Instinct for plan B if your Pre is lost, stolen, damage. You would have to pay a $100 deductible anyway if your Instinct is damage anyway. If you have the $7 insurance. Warranty issues you have replace yourself on For free if you have insurance. So try it, you will like it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenneth2009 View Post
    3 words: 30 day return. But you will have to use it. Save the Instinct for plan B if your Pre is lost, stolen, damage. You would have to pay a $100 deductible anyway if your Instinct is damage anyway. If you have the $7 insurance. Warranty issues you have replace yourself on For free if you have insurance. So try it, you will like it.
    Opps. "But you will not have to use it>"
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    I went from Instinct to the Pre and never looked back.

    The feature i miss is Visual Voicemail and thats about it lol
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    I bought the Instinct when it first came out and I thought that it was a pretty cool phone, but now that I have the Pre, it's quite a huge difference, an actual smart phone. It's a lot more versatile and way quicker than the Instinct and also you should take advantage that the price has dropped significantly. I insist, GO FOR IT.
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    When my coworker comes down next week, I'm going to show off my Pre to him and get him to get off his instinct. He does do alot of talking on the phone so I may need to suggest he get one of those big brick batteries, but beyond that I think he'd love it, plus he'd be able to use my touchstone I keep at the office.

    The Instinct to me is a dumbphone and really can't be compared to the pre.
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    RF, I too got an Instinct on launch and thought it was going to be an awesome phone. Unfortunately, as all here can attest to, it really wasn't as good as it was made out to be. On my Instinct, I couldn't get 1/2 my calls, texts or vmails in my house, although my friends and son (all on Sprint) in my house could.

    It was a toss up between the HTC Hero (coming out on the 11th) and the Pre. I finally went with the Pre. I would stop by the Sprint store every couple of weeks (during my decision process) messing around with the phone on ver 1.1. I liked it, enough. My last visit though sold me. Aside from getting so many rebates and referal cash (via VISA gift cards - waiting on those), I got to test drive the demo phone with 1.2 on it and it was noticably better. not only that, but after I received my own phone to "play with" while the techs switched my number, etc. over, I noticed the phone felt more solid and even a little more "expensive". The onstore techs told me that the pre I had in my hand was a new release phone. I mean it looks the same and all, but it's more sturdy and not as cheap feeling. I liked that.

    To top it off, I was able to purchase a Sprint Chrome-looking snap skin for it and it actually looks like a more expensive phone.

    A few notable minuses for me, from moving from the Instinct is 1) no visual voicemail (loved that and miss it) 2) no stop watch (will have to get a homebrew one, but I haven't gotten preWare and all that yet, besides it should be included) 3) the inability to download Ringtones to it, like you could on the Instinct (work around -> use your own MP3's. DL mp3direct and chop your own and drop in the ringtones dir in USB mode) 4) the inability to set ringtones for text message alerts without needing a homebrew app to do it and 5) no blinking light indicator for missed calls and text messages.

    Now all of those things are minor and I've gotten around some of them. Many talk about battery life. For me it isn't an issue as you can plug the usb cable form the travel charger into your school PC or personal laptop and you get all the juice you need to charge the phone up pretty quickly. Also, if you have a an iPod adaptor in your car (like I do), you can plug the USB into that adaptor to get a quick charge if need be. I'm not a roadwarrior though, that is ALWAYS on the phone, as I'm a techie and live off my PC. However, my first 3 dyas have been spent using the phone to death, all day and I only have to charge it once. See tips on maximizing battery lfe and you should be just fine.

    IMHO, the Pre was THE BEST switch for this previous Instinct user.
    Motorola Q (HORRIBLE) -> Samsung Instinct (Almost as bad as the Motorola) -> Palm Pre -> HTC Hero
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    I went from instinct to pre on launch day and the difference has been day and night. Trust me instinct is not a smartphone and you will notice that on day 1. As far as battery life, you just have to be smarter by carrying around a charger with you and charge it whenever you get a chance. Honesty though there is no competition! Pre is light years ahead.
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    Thanks everyone, this is much more positve feedback than the post i have on the sprint community forum. it looks like im going to go for it. i hadnt even thought of keeping the Instinct as a back up (i had *ahem* other ideas for it) but thats a great idea. as soon as i make it home im going to go to the sprint store and check it out to see the feel of it but im feeling much more confident about it after all of your good reviews. thanks
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    Instink to PRE converter here too. 1,000% improvement on all fronts.. The only reason your battery would drain is because you can do so much more with your pre. battery life has improved.. ** lack of visual voicemail is the only setback the pre has compared with the instinct.
    Are bad people born that way? Or did something go terribly wrong?
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    Last night I pulled out the ol' Instinct to get it ready to sell on eBay. At first the screen didn't work, but I managed to fix that. Once I got it powered on and pulled up the menus, it felt so clunky, dumb and outdated. It was like the difference in graphics between Nintendo and Xbox 360. No comparison whatsoever. I was shocked that after just a few months on my Pre, it felt like that phone was ten years old.

    I do miss visual voicemail. But besides that, the Pre is definitely the way to go. Battery can be so-so depending on usage, but it's well worth it. Just buy a car charger or carry around the USB cable and charge it in a computer lab or w/ your laptop, if needed.
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    The biggest issue I believe you will face is battery life because of your coverage area. When the phone is searching for coverage, it will drain a lot. Most users compensate for this by getting a spare battery, having a car charger (or using the built-in USB for charging with a laptop), or buying a bigger battery.

    I have really appreciated my Pre since I got it June 6th - it has great capabilities that I never expected for free (i.e. - GPS, interconnectivity b/twn your contacts and your phone/gps, weather maps). However, I do miss my voice dial and calendar search from my Centro.

    The only way to really see how it works out is to try it, or to find someone who has one in your area. Most of us have found that the longer you use the phone, the better the battery life gets; but each situation is unique.

    If you do decide to get one, welcome to the family!
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    well i actually get very good service here (i have 6/7 bars right now in my room) and im almost never roaming. so that should mean that battery life shouldn't be an issue right? the thing that worries me the most is the screen cracking issue. I have one a lot of research on it and theres doesn't seem to be any definitive cause, its just seems to happen. and from what i can tell there are at least 100 stories out there in forums just like this. should that be a factor in my decision?
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    The Pre is a better phone in almost every single way. Of course I am a bit biased because the Instinct was probably the worst phone I've ever had (next to the Samsung Upstage of course), and I'll never own another samsung phone as long as I share air with ya'll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by runningfish View Post
    the thing that worries me the most is the screen cracking issue...should that be a factor in my decision?
    As with any advanced smartphone, unless your income is mid-to-high six figures or greater, insurance is a very good idea. Then if your screen cracks, it's either handled by manufacturer warranty (with no out of pocket cost to you) or insurance ($100 deductible). It's impossible to deduce the incidence of screen failure from postings on interwebs forums. Get insurance and it should not be a factor in your decision.
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    i dont know why you would even think about keeping your instinct...i hated that phone with a PASSION and after i got my hands on the PRE...i've been in love since!
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