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    I forgot to uninstall VK before doing the update, now I can't uninstall the program to get rid of the pics file it created, so that I can install the patch.

    As much as I hate to I'm leaning towards completely starting from scratch. I'm curious how long that takes and what's involved.

    So if anyone has any input on this please post. Links would be appreciated as well, so I don't have to keep searching and searching and searching.
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    Are you saying you can't get rid of the VK file in the usb folder? It takes time to redo everything with webosdoc because you have to manually put all your homebrew back on. I guess I'm not quite sure where your having problems.
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    I was told by emoney not to remove the VK files in the USB folder. At least not manually. He said there would be an update coming and one obviously did post.

    I try to update via webos 2.03 and it errors on me. I tried updating via preware and it errors. Today I tired to update via webos 2.53 and got an error.

    I can't find anything that allows me to remove the VK "program", unless deleting the files in USB mode do just that. I've been hesitant to try that because VK works, I just want the update so I don't have all those pictures showing.

    There is a thread that shows how to re-write a few lines of programming which supposedly will fix the issue. I started that last night and spent an hour DLing the files to do the fix, but still figure I have an hour or more to go. I started thinking, maybe it's just faster to start from scratch. I can load apps on the go, I am currently only setup to connect my Pre to my PC here at work.
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    I had done the 1.2 update with all my tweeks enabled, it looked like everything was fine. However I was mistaking. I had a problem opening up Messaging, I could only open it after someone had sent me a text. Then I started to mess around with removing the text forwarding tweek. This is when I noticed I could not expand any of my email accounts. After messing around with it for about an hour I just gave up and re-flashed the phone. The Pre just responds so much better. Now I only have PreWare and the LED Notification mod on the device.
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    I had to wipe mine to as I missed a tweak apparently and FUBAR'd my messaging. Could send or recieve.
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    weird...i couldn't uninstall VK before I did update. kept getting an error from Preware. So I I updated anyway...I did see the VK images appear in my album. But I just went into Preware again and did the uninstall (which was successful this time). And then installed again. VK is back and images in album are gone.
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