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    I got my phone yesterday and I downloaded Pandora App, after I chose either I have an account , input info, sign in; or I chose I need a new account, input new account infor and register, it just froze at the screen. I could never go into the app.

    Did anyone experience the same problem? How did you solve it?

    Thank you.
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    Nope. Mine has worked fine since the day I downloaded it (months ago). Delete the app and download it again.

    Delete app: hold the orange key and press the pandora app icon.

    Now download it again.
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    And it might make it easier for you to set up an account on your home computer, then just use your log-in info on your Pre.
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    I tried deleting it and re-download it, even turn the phone off then back on. I do have a pandora account already on my pc, i tried using that account logging in and I tried to open a new accout, but whatever I did, it just froze at the first login/sign up page...

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