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    originally info:

    "Google Personalized Search Launches (Google) — Earlier tonight, Android, iPhone and the Palm Pre gained a new search feature. Not only will Google save your prior search terms for easier recall, but it also synchronizes your search items between desktop and mobile. Tonight, I signed into Google on my notebook, searched for a few items and then hit my Palm Pre not more than 30 seconds later. Using Google in the handset browser, the same search terms were auto-suggested, making for the same experience on different devices."

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    I love Google!
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    that's all kinds of awesome
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    Thats a cool thing to know
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    Kind of creepy but I still love Google
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    I don't use the Google homepage on my Pre (as its a global search option), but I'll keep this in mind. Especially for those days when I know I found X on my home computer but can't find X now.
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    yeah, great google service

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