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    Caveat: Not sure if it will break any Palm let me know if its legal or not to post this.

    Numerous post requesting this..and I have the webos 1.1 file on my hard drive.

    Anyone need it? I can send it to ONE person and he/she can host it for the members of this forum.

    *or if some savvy people out there can create a torrent, even better

    pm me if you can host the file.

    (just trying to help the community with broken EAS)

    Edit: here it is, not my upload, not my server.. I am just a messenger:
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    I sure do. My pre is all jammed up and webos doctor won't fix it in 1.2
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    uploading it to a forum member now
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    me to
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    anyone know how to upload to mediafire so I can take this off my server? pm me
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    OP updated with 1.1 download link.

    For those with EAS 1.2 problems, my Admin just fixed out server, and I am syncing perfectly with 1.2 now...

    Here is the fix for EAS:
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    Here is the download link enjoy!!!!! One click file hosting
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    WebOS 1.2 Fixed A Serious File Security Issue

    With that out there I doubt you want to go back to 1.1. Especially now that he details how to do it.

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