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    I got my Pre on September 5th. It had a slight wobble, but I was going to deal with it because it wasn't that big of a deal. A few weeks later, the little wobble turned into the dreaded "oreo effect", where it would turn sideways and there was a huge gap on the left side of the phone. I went in yesterday and a Sprint employee with a Pre looked at it and goes "Woah, that gap is huge." Gave me a new one and it's really tight, very little wobble. But I noticed four dead pixels on the boot screen, and when the screen is on the highest brightness, you can see some leakage and the edges of the screen underneath the black exterior.

    At some moments I am okay with it, realizing that no phone is going to be perfect and that's just part of buying any product. And the other side of me wants to exchange it for another one. Opinions? Are four dead pixels and some light leakage minor problems or something to exchange for? I just don't want to exchange and then have another combination of issues whether it's oreo/dead pixels or oreo/leakage or whatever the case is and then continue on in this process. So far everything is great with this Pre except the two things I mentioned above.
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    I got my Pre on the 26th (so not even a week), and already am starting to have the Oreo. But reading all of the posts from others returning theirs and being on a 3rd Pre with still something a bit "wrong" with it, I'm nervous about an exchange, too.

    It's probably what your personal preference is - the devil you know, or the one you don't.

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