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    Has any heard or are there plans to incorporate the ability to have the web browser remember username and passwords on sites that require them?
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    It remembers my beer advocate and PreCentral logins. No?
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    I always assumed that was dependent on the website ability to store the internet "cookie" on your device...
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    Mine remembers them, I'm posting this from my pre and I was logged in automatically.
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    i think what he meant is a autofill feature. yeah, it would be nice to have that.
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    I used browser history after 1.2 to return to a form I had previously filled out and the fields were populated from what I had entered.

    Has anyone else noticed this?
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    Thanks klau25 that,s exactly what I was talking about. What I've discovered is that if you don't log out of some sites(i.e. Faceboock,myspace) you continue to be logged in, but if you log into a secure site(i.e. check bank account, sprint account) I would like to see an autofill option.
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    And integrated with a separate password keeper with synchronization of passwords with desktop machines...

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