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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Now you know why Apple doesn't support jailbreaking and actually discourages it. Support would be a nightmare as would ensuring apple support is educated about it. It would be a money drain for them, not a profit enhancer.

    Remember Dish Network's vip922 receiver from CES? It comes with slingbox built in. And it came with promises of a Spring release. It's still not out. But as much as it sounds good on paper, imagine the support nightmare for this for the average person and having to educate installers on hooking up routers or networks?

    While Palm is open to homebrew, they're basically making life harder for Sprint and its support. My thought would be either go all in with it or go the Apple route. Taking a neutral approach invites a bit of chaos.

    But i'm not a dev. This is JMO based on what little i know. They'd probably have better insights on this.

    i completely agree with this joe over here, OP you are basically saying that palm should support all the hombrew tweaks and such, which really they could if they wanted to but its not a must.

    the reason why they wont support are the problems that are ocurring right now. cause some moron thought to play it cool and not remove the virtual keyboard or any other tweaks the phone is nothing more than paper weight now since it stop working. now ur asking palm to help out the moron who installed these tweaks and fix the problem he caused for installing somethin palm did not approve of.

    this goes back to the whole warranty discussion, by instaling tweaks the phones warranty goes out the window you paid for the palm pre with webos, along with official webos updates nothin in there covers homebrew apps or tweaks.

    and remember this, when installing these homebrew apps there is always the "do it at your own risk"
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    Quote Originally Posted by VeeDubb65 View Post
    This is 100% false. No such animal from a bad update, no matter what tweaks you've misguidedly installed or failed to remove before the update.

    Couldn't have said it better myself.

    Anything is possible, but most of us don't own the specialized equipment required to make software changes that would brick a Pre so the Dr couldn't fix it, and anybody who does have such equipment, would know exactly what happened.

    Ignorance is what it's about. (not to be confused with stupidity, although probably ignorance resulting from laziness)

    Good call. The developer of WOSQI has gone well out of his way to make it absolutely clear that the current version is NOT compatible with 1.2

    Now, for anybody who believes they have "bricked" their Pre and can't run the doctor, and is too lazy to use the search feature, let me explain how to use the WebOSDoctor on a "bricked" Pre.

    1) Turn your Pre completely off. If the lock screen is so messed up that you can't turn it off, remove the battery to kill it. If you have to take the battery out, leave it out until I tell you to put it back it.

    2) Plug your Pre into the USB port on your computer.

    3) Press and hold the volume up button. Do NOT let go of the volume up button until I tell you to.

    4) Turn on your Pre. If you had to remove the battery, put it back in now.

    5) Within a few seconds at most, (maybe instantly) you should see a large USB symbol that fills the screen of the Pre. Once you see that symbol, you can let go of the volume up button.

    6) On your desktop run the WebOSDoctor. It should be a .jar file. When you double click on it, depending on what OS you have and what other software you have installed, it may try to open it like a .zip file. This is NOT what you want to do. If that happens, close out whatever opens, and then right click the WebOSDoctor and select "run with Java" or something like that.

    7) From there, you'll get a nice friendly program that you will basically just dumby-click though.

    *Note: You can't run the WebOSDoctor on a dead battery, so plug your Pre in to charge for an hour before starting if you're not sure about the state of the battery.
    you know i followed your steps and many others i found on this web-community. Yet nothing has worked my touch has not responded since I uploaded to 1.2.01 and I have always had a stock pre and never tweaked it. I honestly have no idea what to do
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevetorres3000 View Post
    you know i followed your steps and many others i found on this web-community. Yet nothing has worked my touch has not responded since I uploaded to 1.2.01 and I have always had a stock pre and never tweaked it. I honestly have no idea what to do
    Call sprint.

    If your touchscreen is not responding, and the WebOSDoctor didn't fix it then it is not a software problem. It's a hardware problem and the update to 1.2.1 was coincidental.

    This really important for people who are new to this sort of thing to understand, so read close....

    There are two basic kinds or problems: Software problems, and hardware problems.

    Software problems can happen from a bad update, poorly written software, or you doing something stupid like leaving all your tweaks and patches in place for an update. There are all sorts of ways to fix software problems if you know EXACTLY what the problem is, but at the end of the day, running WebOSDoctor will fix them all. Let me repeat that, WebOSDoctor corrects ALL software problems (with the possible exception of a corrupted palm account, but that's server side, not on the Pre, and would have no effect on your touchscreen)

    Hardware problems are all that remain when there are no software problems. That means if you run WebOSDoctor and your Pre is still broken, then it's physically broken somewhere inside. I can't fix this. You can't fix this. You call sprint and/or palm, and get your phone either repaired or replaced. Period.
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    Quote Originally Posted by billybennett View Post
    say spring one more time
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    Is this thread serious? I suppose you would expect Ford to fix your engine under warranty after you incorrectly installed a turbo on your Mustang too, eh?
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    I don not know what the op did to his phone, but i had to run webos doctor for the forst time yesterday. i updated preware without reading instructions properly, and had some issues with my phone after that. webos doctor was really easy to do, JUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! i am not a techie but i have found these tweaks and homebrew fairly easy to install and remove if done correctly. this is just my 2 cents.
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    im gonna agree with pretty much everybody on this thread. Almost impossible to brick a Pre, and i just gotta say I LOVE SPRING!!!!!
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    I agree that people need to take a bit of responsibility for their choices. Sure, if the issue with the Pre is from Palm, it's only right to ping them on it, but if you're complaining about the impact that 'tweak' you put on does or does not work with 1.2.1, well, feel free to complain, but don't blame Palm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stasbel View Post
    So many of users had a bad experience of going to 1.2 and using the tweaks from quickinstaller (sometimes phone becomes dead weight, with no options for recovery, including webOSdoctor).
    Now how many phones will Palm have to replace before they will realize, that they are losing (a lot of?) money?
    In the grand scheme of things, the number of users that are applying tweaks this way and then running into trouble are quite small. The returns are a problem for Sprint and Palm, but I seriously doubt the % of returns based on a phone hack gone wrong are significant.

    The Pre hacker community is quite small compared the rest of the people that buy phones.
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