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    Palm 'Thorks' Itself in the Forehead - Tech Check with Jim Goldman -

    Somehow I think Palm has lost is way. (Maybe they should track themselves)

    I don't like the fact that they have adopted the same program vetting as Apple. Many old Palm programs used undocumented methods to accomplish nice functions. Audio Gateway comes to mind, allowing stereo bluetooth headsets.

    I didn't like it that they didn't natively support the old ROM, for which I have dozens of programs that I have purchased.

    I read a piece that states you cannot use the Palm Pre without Sprint connection. Don't like that if true.

    Before someone thinks I am trolling, I still have my Tungsten T which I still use and I currently use the Treo 680. Both of which I like very much.

    From a company that virtually defined the PDA to a phone maker. Sad.

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    what's your question, or complaint?

    1. You don't like "vetting". (ever looked at the homebrew section on
    2. You don't know if the pre will work without sprint because you don't own one?

    And you're not a troll?

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