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    I almost *never* use this feature. Do you?
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    I use it only when i'm in an app.

    (ps...i'm impressed you were able to take a screenshot while doing this haha)
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    Yes I use it all the time.
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    I use it since I keep cards full screen and switch with advance gestures. Plus it's cool.
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    I hardly ever use it.
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    I love to show it to people
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    don't use it, I even feel like it gets in the way sometimes. Perhaps I'll learn to love it eventually
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    I think in its current iteration the wave dock is quite limited. Palm needs to open the possibilities with this to make it more powerful. For example, the obvious is being able to add more than 4 apps and also being able to remove the launcher. Other options include ability to add widgets etc to the wave dock that could "overlay" the current card. An example of such a ovelay widget could be a simple start-like app which I think would be useful once the number of apps become large...
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    I use it, but it's not as easy to use as the traditional 4 app buttons it replaces. It takes some coordination which sort of defeats the purpose.
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    I always forget about the feature, so don't use it.
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    I never do, I forget its there too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmatteau View Post
    I always forget about the feature, so don't use it.
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    Never used it but its cool to show this off to friends. Guess it could help while n web browser or other apps.
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    I forgot about it honestly, but after reading this, tried to use it. Can't even get it to work!
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    It would be much cooler if you could lock it into different positions. Like in a rainbow position towards the middle of the screen or in a big circle. It wouldn't be very practical...but just to change things up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmatteau View Post
    I always forget about the feature, so don't use it.

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    I use it whenever I think about it, and I think about it whenever I think about the phone, or how I would describe the phone to others. That thought process happens to occur fairly often, so I use it all the time. Do I ever NEED to use it? Not at all. It's just cool to do. Whenever I use my iPod touch it's actually the thing I miss the most oddly enough. It feels so natural I feel like it should be part of every touch screen-based OS.
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    I've trained myself to use it. Not a "must have" feature, but once you get used to it, it's usable. I agree that it would be better if Palm allowed the launcher shortcut to be replaced.

    To use this, start in black gesture area, and slide up.
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    It looks cool, but I never use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmatteau View Post
    I always forget about the feature, so don't use it.
    I used to forget about it too, but once I trained myself to use it... it's become one of my favorite features.

    I change the items on the weekend, when I use SMS and Camera more often.

    During the week, e-mail and calendar get priority.

    One of the best features on the Pre.
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