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    I never use the wave. I suppose it is a good shortcut, but I always push the button to zoom out and then just use the "static" wave.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grappler View Post
    But you can!

    All you do is drag whatever icon you don't want on there onto a launcher page, and then drag whatever one you do want on there from a launcher page . . . basically the same way you move stuff between launcher pages.

    Shorter version: You can have any icons on the Wave that you want, with the exception of the Launcher icon, which appears to be static.
    Perhaps I wasn't clear enough. I would like a different set of apps from the ones that are on my quick launch bar to be in the wave dock. I don't use the wave dock often, but if it had different apps than my launch bar, I would use it far more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChemEngr View Post
    I use it since I keep cards full screen and switch with advance gestures. Plus it's cool.
    What's "Advance Gestures?"
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    Advanced Gestures is where you have multiple apps open and in full screen (not zoomed out with the center button) and are able to swap between those apps via a swipe of the gesture area (forward or backward). It looks kind of like shuffling cards when you do this.
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    I never use it. Have to drag upward, then drag sideways until the right app is highlighted, which you can't see because it's beneath your finger. Don't lose contact with the screen too soon or you'll launch the wrong app. I find it much easier to tap the button then tap the icon of the app to launch. Two taps on stationary buttons versus two drags, one of which has to be precise.

    The dedicated hard buttons of the Treo 700p were even better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmatteau View Post
    I always forget about the feature, so don't use it.
    Me too, and I usually "remember" it by accident.
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    Because of work, I need ready access to Mail and Calendar, I use QuickContacts which gives me access to the Dialer and Contacts, and I use the Messenger. That is all four available positions. I use the Browser all the time, but have no room for it. If I could have a different set of apps between launch bar and wave, I could accommodate eight apps. It would be nice if the wave would allow more than 5 apps that are independent of the apps in the launch bar. The wave could slide when you reached the edge of the screen.

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    I use it all the time but I definitely would like the ability to add more than just four links.
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    i do it with one continuous drag. hold the phone in one hand and use your thumb, drag up and curve your drag to the app you want rolling your thumb up. the icons are directly above your thumb then (right above the contact point), not underneath. for me one drag is often easier than 2 clicks, especially when dragging your thumb to mid screen is a pretty natural motion and position for your thumb when holding it with one hand.
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    Umm when you are talking about "Wave Doc?" Do you just mean dragging up the wave bar? Is there a way to DOC it, as in having it sit, in wave position , mid screen?

    I have only been able to drag it up, to move around, but cant actually doc it mid screen?

    Am I missing something?
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    you're not missing anything they're talking about the same thing they just said Doc
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