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    I just bought by phone about two weeks ago. I thought I had 2 or 3 dead (or stuck) pixels, but after running the iPhone Fix I found I actually have around 10 or so. I'll be taking it back for a new phone.
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    i had the usb crack to the screen. they gave me a new pre which had a dead pixel in the middle of the screen. they replaced it was a refurb that has oreo issues....wondering if i should have kept the new pre with the dead pixel
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    i say no. i have 2 dead pixels - one on the bottom corner and another on the right side pretty close to the edge....dont notice either of them.....haha i even sometimes have trouble finding them when i AM looking for them
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    I tried to exchange it today and I ran into some problems. The closest Sprint store to me is in the mall. I went there today, waited ten minutes to talk to someone and then was told since I didn't buy the phone there I had to go to the store where I purchased it.

    I went there and tried to show the guy what I was talking about. There are several pixels stuck as pink and you can only see them very easily on a white background. I showed the guy, he took my phone and showed his manager. He told me that they didn't see anything wrong with the screen and there was nothing I could do.

    I tried to show him on a different screen and this time he tried to wipe the screen off and then said he kind of saw what I was talking about. He told me I had to go to a different Sprint store where they have a service center and that there was nothing they could do for me.

    At this point I got really frustrated because I had been to two Sprint stores and each told me I had to go somewhere else to get it exchanged. I would've talked to the manager directly but, I had to be to work and I didn't have enough time to talk to him and then go through and exchange the phone.

    I called Sprint corporate customer service. The guy told me that it is Sprint policy that since I am within' thirty days of purchasing the phone I absolutely do not have to go to a service center. If I feel my screen is defective that I should be able to exchange it for a new model without any issues. He said he made some notes on my account and that I should be able to walk in and exchange my phone without a problem.

    I'm going to call the manager tomorrow before I go in. I don't need another wasted trip...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beefy View Post
    I just recently noticed that I have a row of about 15 dead pixels along the right hand side of my screen, ****.

    Best way to screentest your new Pre is to download a black/all black background and set it as the wallpaper, then carefully look at your display from all angles.

    I think I'm going to return mine and hope they don't give me any problems for a swap.
    There is a screen test in Device Info under "More Info | Preferences | Interactive Tests.. | Screen" It changes the screen to various colors by touching the screen so you can look for dead pixels.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmrpnk21 View Post
    I returned mine 4 times for a couple dead pixels. If you pay for a flawless device, that is what you should get
    Try looking for dead pixels on your LCD TV if you have one. Now tell me all the money you paid for that 'flawless' device applies similarly.

    Stuck Pixels are expected with any consumer product with an LCD screen. What matters is the amount, grouping, and location of the pixels.
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    Freaking gay dude at my local sprint store said that unless there are 10 dead pixels, its tough luck. imagine my frustration, its my 4th pre and i want out, but this *** said he cant do anything about it. we'll see, i'm gonna call obama on this one.
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    Well i have 1 dead pixel and is not worth going through all the trouble. besides it really doesn't do anything to the performance.

    IS all up to you i guess.
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    i dont tolerate manufacturing defects.

    you pay for a fully functional device you should expect to have a fully functional device.

    i also make all of my purchases with AMEX if vendor accepts it as payment. if they give me hassle i go to amex... theyve always come through for me.
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    Depends on where it is. Like others have said, you paid for 100%, you should get 100%. The guy asking about what about your TV, that isn't a great comparison. You're not using the TV within about .5 Meters of your face. Good luck getting it exchanged.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jac-3 View Post
    Depends on where it is. Like others have said, you paid for 100%, you should get 100%. The guy asking about what about your TV, that isn't a great comparison. You're not using the TV within about .5 Meters of your face. Good luck getting it exchanged.

    The point is, if you paid +$3000 for an LCD TV compared to $150 from a subsidized $~700 msrp phone and knowing that LCD panels in general will come with stuck pixels, what is a tolerable threshold for the amount and/or grouping?

    I'll agree with that logic if the stuck pixels were grouped together making it very evident, but if you have to search for them across the screen, under certain conditions, I'd be pretty content with my purchase.

    The +$3000 LCD tv will still have stuck pixels just like $150 dollar phone,and still using the logic of 100%/in--->100%/out, you're still more upset over a $150 dollar phone having stuck pixels?
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    I have one annoying dead pixel right at the top black bar below the time. It's always visible because it's in the black background. Annoying, but not worth getting a new one by any means.
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    I did. My first Pre had a dead pixel. I switched it out the next day without any issues.
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    Dead pixels on the side of the sceen isnt bad, But in the middle I can see your point then,
    Live the Pre life.
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    i have one dead pixel that i can not see untill i reboot and thats it . so keep it if everything else is good
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    i call customer services for my phone ded pixel and they change my phone.
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