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    same mine is worse. I have the seidio 1350 (which was never that great to begin with) and its burns right down real quick. I changed back to the palm stock praying for a little better luck.
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    I'd have to say that my battery life is about the same.
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    yes its much much better.. i listend to music for a good 2 hours while i worked out yesterday and it only dropped about 10% soooooo much better
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    My battery life took a massive nose-dive with 1.2. With no other changes made, I can surf the web about 15 minutes and the battery will drop 30-40% ...ouch! WIFI is off, not roaming, GPS is off, email every 1 hour ... same as before.

    Going to try a new battery and see what happens.
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    I personally have found my battery life to be vastly improved.

    I chardged my Pre, left my house at 7:30am this morning.
    I am now back home from work and my battery life is at 78% right now.

    This is with:
    1. taking a few pictures (saw an awesome military artillery tank being transported on the highway)
    2. Texting about 30-40 messeges.
    3. a quick web search on 3g. (1 website search)
    4. 3 phones calls. (total about 10-15 minutes today)
    (wifi & bluetooth off)
    To say the least I am very pleased so far.

    I have to note that 3 days before I had my pre idling after a charge and after about 30 minutes of just sitting there my battery drained from 100% to 68% with no apps running.
    I have no idea what was going on but the back was hot like it was transferring data or running a heavy app. I turned the phone off and turned it back on (restarted) and it went back to its normal standby battery drain. (probably just a glitch)

    To say the least I am satisfied with the battery performance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by speak easy View Post
    mine seems worse. I only used to have to charge once daily usually at work. Lately, I have to charge it twice work and overnight. I suppose if it becomes too big a deal I can always get the extended battery.

    I retract this statement now. Battery life seems to have returned to normal (which is great) before 1.2. I've only been charging once a day in the past few days. And no, it's not just because I don't play around with the phone as much as right after the update to test the improvements. I've actually just installed Preware recently, so if anything I've been playing with the phone more lately.

    I'm happy with battery life again.
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    To turn on or off the GPS receiver, go to the location services app, and press preferences at the top left. Then press locate me using: and check on GPS. Same procedure to turn off.
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