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    I am getting frustrated with this issue and I know it is most likely a user error but here it is. I am on my phone most of the time and when I am on a call and I get another call and I want to take it, if I end the first call that automatically ends the second call. If I take the second call that puts the first call on hold. How can I end the first call and take the second one?
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    yes that is a known issue with the pre
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    Has anyone experienced it since the 1.2 update?
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    Yes it still happens even with the 1.2 update...
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    One feature that my Blackberry had with call waiting that I really miss is if you hang up the phone while having someone on hold the phone would just ring again as if soomeone was calling you and it would never hang up on them.

    I'm sure they could intingrate this into the phone app.
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    Wow, this could be a deal breaker for me, I love the phone but I actually use it as a phone more than most of people and I get lots of call waiting. Too bad

    Let me tell you, this 1.2 update was worthless, I cannot think of one practical change that I can use, I was waiting for the ability to listen to Wave files via emails since I get my work VM that way but that did not work. Time to think of the iPhone as a solution

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