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    I was just checking my debit card statement and was charged $1 from 9/28.

    Was this $1 fee from adding credit card to Palm Profile witlh the new App Catalog?

    Was it mentioned when we registered with the new app catalog. $1 isn't a lot but I don't like payments I don't know about showing up.
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    There should also be a $1 credit. It's to verify your credit card info you entered in the App Catalog.
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    Got charged and then refunded $1,the again when I modified my credit card again.
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    Didn't get the refund yet, glad to hear. I would have been a little upset if it was a $1 charge that wasn't mentioned.
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    A lot of sites do that. Used to be when you got direct deposit at your work they did that to verify it was your account. you'd call them up and say 'yeah, a dollar was taken out' and then you'd be set.
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    Actually, you really shouldn't see a charge and a refund. What you are seeing is a "credit hold" against the account. That is done to ensure that the account really exists. Any time you place an electronic credit card transaction, there are two records sent -- one to ensure the account exists and to hold the balance, then another (usually in a batch at the end of the day) to actually claim the balance of the charge for the retailer. The credit card company drops the credit hold transaction after a few days. It is business as usual and nothing to get all frothy about.
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    Don't go on vacation. Hotel's and rental car companies can do that to you too (hold). But it is a lot bigger then $1.00.
    Good catch though.
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    best example is a gas station. If you buy gas, they pre auth for a dollar. Then a few days later hit you with the full amount.
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