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    Can anyone explain the pros and cons of this setting? Why not just enable it? Is it a battery usage issue when enabled? Is there a question of roaming fees? Thanks in advance.
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    I think by default it is disabled because not everyone will have free unlimited data roaming. I live in michigan and if you get too close to the border you can end up roaming on a canadian carrier which has a per KB fee if you don't have an international thing. I don't think it has anything to do with reduced battery drain though. I don't see a difference with drain between use roaming or not roaming with similar signal strengths and using or not using data.
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    I generally enable data roaming but it has caused me problems a couple of times. I visit a roaming area once a week. I find that when I have data roaming enabled, I sometimes do not receive my phone calls. Instead, they go directly to voicemail. I read somewhere here on the forums that it has something to do with data having priority over voice. If I am awaiting an important phone call while I am roaming, I might consider disabling data roaming.
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    So is data roaming part of the everything data plans?
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    Yes it is. Unless you're specifically having a problem with it, there's
    not much reason to turn it off, especially if you like to do streaming audio
    apps while on the road, or Sprint Nav, or Google Maps. They'll all usually
    switch between Sprint and roaming data fairly seamlessly.

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    Does data roaming have priority over voice?
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    So its a matter of preference just like the voice option of roaming or sprint only. I think Im going to enable it since we pay for "unlimited" data I dont see why we would get charged extra fees if data roaming is on. to me there should be a disclaimer or not even an option if extra fees are involved.
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    data will have priority over voice when roaming or otherwise in 1x coverage. if you are roaming or stuck in a 1x area, disable data roaming to receive all your calls. its your choice to enable it or not if you are in a good ev area.

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