I've gotten mixed results with the supposed new ability to resume playback.

I'm still scratching my head trying to understand under what circumstances this is supposed to work. I did get it to work a few times, but not in others.

What event causes the app to save the location? Palm says that whenever playback is "interrupted", the location is saved. There are a few ways playback may be interrupted, and I'm fairy sure not all of them are supported, but can't yet list them with certainty.

Interruption events are: hitting pause, pausing by pulling the headphone jack out, dismissing the app, jumping to another track.

So far I haven't been able to narrow down which of those will save the location, it just doesn't behave predictably. Sometimes the track I'm trying to resume simply won't play.

Another inexplicable oversight is Palm's decision to support the tag "Audiobook", but exclude "Book". Both are standard tags that can be found in iTunes.

Lastly, Music app still chops off track ends when fast forwarding through. If resume worked perfectly, this would not be significant. But given that sometimes it doesn't work, I still have to use it, and finding the spot I left off within a 20 minutes long track is painful using the clumsy fast forward mechanism.

Overall, it seems not to have been tested thoroughly, and the result is that I can't count on it to work and have to leave the app open and not play anything else throughout the day.

Any experiences or observations welcome.