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    Anyone get the Pre to connect to a Windows (Vista or 7) Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) PC or Laptop?

    I have tried a couple of times and the Pre won't even pick up that Windows ICS is broadcasting a Wifi SSID. I used another laptop to connect to the connection so I know it is broadcasting ok.

    I'm thinking that it has to do with the Pre not having a windows type username and password authentication.

    Laptop has wifi and wired connection:
    Turn off windows firewall
    Network Connection and Sharing Center
    Manage Wireless Networks
    Create ad-hoc network
    put in a SSID
    set to open
    check save this network
    Turn on Connection Sharing

    Another PC can immediately see the new network
    Pre cannot
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    Less to do with Windows, and more to do with ad-hoc networking, I'd wager.
    Does anyone know that the Pre even supports ad-hoc?
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    Is there a way to enable the support?

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