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    I have a launch day Pre and my Proximity Sensor went out. Sprint did a full hard reset and nothing.

    Mine has very little wobble and the hardware is perfect. I go in today for my 'refurb' and its a wobbly, gaped mess! I turned it down and the manager said I HAVE TO take the next one as it is in their system that I rejected one and they won't let me reject 2..?

    I paid over $300 out the door, had to wait 10 weeks for 100 back, and now this phone is $99 on Amazon that Radio Shack will match.

    What results would I get dealing with Palm straight up? If refurb #2 is worse what would you do?

    I need some updated feedback on others experience please.

    Thank you in advance.
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    My first Pre was a damn good phone but within the first month of use the screen sensor took a crap so I brought it to the corporate repair store locally and 15min they gave me a new one out of the box, the slider had a little bit more play in it but oh well they have a 1yr warranty on the phone against defects. So if its jacked up just wait a while and return it again. I received my 3rd Pre today from sprint insurance because I accidently cracked the screen on the 2nd one, it was my own fault I was moving a gun safe in my house I guess when I pushed up against it the safe the phone was in my pocket and cracked the lcd not the outer screen. The new one that the insurance company sent me was brand new in the box and the slider has about 2wice as much play as the last one. It is real sloppy I will wait a while and take it back to sprint for another Pre. I know that the Pre has a 1yr warranty.
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    Had to replace mine after about 60 days, I put ipod headphones into the jack and bricked the earpiece. They dont fit very well... They replaced it within 5 minutes.

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