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    I'm pretty sure something is screwing up my phone. I get alot of 'hickups' and brief pauses when using my phone. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a 'task manager' equivalent so I have no idea what the culprit is.

    Is there anyway to tell what apps eat up background cycles even when they aren't running. For example, some apps will update your GPS position etc, even when they don't have a card up.

    Is there a way to start in a 'safe mode'? so I can see if this is hardware or software?

    Mark F Chinsky
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    If you want to see what is running, and you have your Pre "rooted", then in terminal type

    This will pull up a list of programs currently running.


    ps aux
    This will pull up a list of programs that at the top will be the first programs ran, bottom will show the most recent
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