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    I woke up this morning to a nice surprise. I made a call on my Pre and could not be heard by the person that I called. I could hear him just fine but he said that he could only hear very, very, faintly. No matter what I did he, nor anyone else, could hear me although I could hear them just fine. Is anyone else having a similar problem? I used Webos Doctor and reset my device and the problem is still there. Anyone have any answers?

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    try calling someone and putting them on speaker, if you can hear each other fine then your phone is in headphone mode. This is an annoying bug that should have been fixed with 1.2. If you have headphones plugged into your pre don't unplug it if the screen is black. First activate the screen then unplug it. To fix it plug the headphones into your pre then plug them in and out about ten times until you hear the music coming from your pre again
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    Thanks, But I found the problem. I had just put a screen shield on my phone and forgot to make sure that the little hole for the microphone was cut out. It was blocking the mic and no one could hear. It is fine now.

    Thanks for your response.


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